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Forced circulation systems are not subject to constraints of mutual position between the tank and the collector. These systems can be used both for the production of domestic hot water and for the integration of space heating. By varying the surface of the solar field and the volume of the boiler, the needs of buildings of any size can be met.

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  • Maximum modularity and installation compatibility;
  • Choice between flat glazed collectors (vertical or horizontal with different inclinations) or vacuum tubes U-pipe with parabolic concentrator (CPC);
  • Automated management of the plant;
  • Kit complete with: boiler, manifolds, support structure, differential control unit, circulation unit and safety equipment with loading and unloading system and connection for expansion tank, flow regulator, fittings and antifreeze liquid.
  • 5 year warranty on the boiler and collector (s), 2 years on the rest of the components.

Forced circulation systems use a low pressure pump (circulation group or circulator) to move the heat transfer fluid, so as to transfer heat from the collector to the storage tank (boiler). A differential control unit activates and deactivates the circulation group, according to the needs and the amount of solar radiation available.

  • 1) Collector/s
  • 2) Tank
  • 3) Circulation Group
  • 4) Control Unit
  • 5) Expansion Tank
  • 6) Thermostatic Mixer
  • 7) Heater
  • 8) Recirculation Network
  • 9) User
  • 10) Water Network
Installation Examples:

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