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Natural circulation by condensation is a particular system that exploits the natural process of evaporation and condensation of a fluid to carry out the heat transfer. Thanks to this technology, the heat exchange occurs at maximum speeds, countering the triggering of inverse parasitic circulations, which constitute a critical element for all other thermal systems. In short, the condensation thermal system realizes within itself the same sequence that nature performs during the process known as the "water cycle", which makes itself manifest to everyone with the phenomenon of rain.

Working Principle

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The fluid contained in the circuit evaporates thanks to solar radiation and reaches, in its gaseous state, the heat exchanger, where it releases its energy in the form of latent condensation heat. In the exchanger, therefore, the heat-carrying fluid condenses to return to its liquid phase and, by simple law of gravity, re-descends into the lower part of the collector where it will be reheated by the sun to start a new cycle again. At night, the heat transfer fluid returns into liquid form, occupying the lower part of the manifold thus preventing the inverse cycle from starting.

New Efficient-XS


  • Heat exchange mechanism through condensation;
  • High efficiency and speed of cycle initiation;
  • Hidden tank;
  • No need for maintenance on the solar circuit;
  • NewEfficient-XS improves the previous version NewEfficient as the tank is separable from the collector, thus facilitating its installation;
  • the vertical versions adopt the collector Excel (-X), those horizontal the collector EVO (-S);
  • 'Push-Tester' diagnostic system (optional);
  • High transparency microprismatic solar glass;
  • Blue-Select single plate absorber, laser welded;
  • Steel tank with double vitrification treatment at 850 ° C;
  • Installable both on flat and sloping roof;
  • Certificazione Solar Keymark;
  • 5 years of warranty.

The tank hidden on the back of the collector simplifies the architectural integration of the solar system.

The NESTP version, only 115 cm in height, is practically invisible on flat roofs.

The technological peculiarity is a primary circuit working by evaporation and condensation, loaded and sealedby welding to guarantee durability. The primary circuit contains an azeotropic fluid based on ethanol, which allows a resistance to freezing up to a temperature of -60 ° C. Furthermore, it does not require inspections or top-ups or maintenance

Installation Examples:

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